Keilim Mikvah

April 5, 2017 Great news! The Keilim Mikvah is now fully operational! There are baskets available for use in dipping your keilim and a grabber as well in case something should fall to the bottom. Goo Gone is also available on site.

Keilim mikvah guidelines


The mikvah is looking to install a workstation opposite the keilim mikvah which will have a small sink and house a trash recipticle, grabbers, cleaning supplies, and keilim mikvah equipment. Currently a small utility sink has been installed until we raise the necessary funds. During the initial build phase of the mikvah we were not able to allocate funds to the workstation. If you would like to donate toward the materials and installation of this very important, high-visibility aspect of the mikvah, please contact Josh Nankin at